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Insulin for Dogs can get Diabetes under Control

Insulin for dogs is the most common way to get diabetes under control. Just like humans, they can live a happy and healthy life as long as their medical needs are taking care of. Diabetes isn’t curable and it will continue to get worse if it isn’t properly managed. Working with a qualified veterinarian, though, you can provide this form of treatment for your own dog.

When a dog has diabetes, it can lead to other types of health problems. As a result the overall quality of life can start to deteriorate. One way to offset such negative changes though is through the use of insulin for dogs. This should only be offered under the careful supervision of the vet. Each dog with diabetes has different needs so the type of insulin used as well as the dose will vary.

It may seem upsetting at first to realize your dog has diabetes. The thought of injecting the insulin into their body may not be one you are fond of either. Change your mindset about it though to understand you are doing what is in the best interest of your dog. Your vet will take the time to show you the right way to mix the insulin, where to inject it, and the method for injecting.

You won’t be doing it yourself at home until you are completely comfortable with it. Most of the time you will be giving the injection of insulin for dogs in the same area all the time. However, the area may become irritated over time. If that occurs talk to your vet. A plan may be devised that allows you to alternative between two or three injection sites.

When to administer insulin for dogs can be the tricky part. There are tests you can do at home to find out if your dog is out of balance or not. They include urine samples that are tested with strips. Glucose testing can also be done at home but it is more expensive and more complex.

Your vet may recommend that insulin for dogs is used on your pet once or twice a day. It all depends on the severity of the diabetes. The insulin you use may be expensive so talk to your vet if you find it is difficult to pay for it. They may be able to offer you a discount program or lower priced insulin that can work just as well.

To make sure the insulin is as effective as possible you need to follow a few guidelines. The vials of insulin should always be kept refrigerated. Carefully check the expiration date to ensure it is still going to be good to use. Expired insulin loses its potency so it doesn’t offer a dog the same level of benefit that it should.

Never administer the insulin straight from the refrigerator though. It needs to be warmed up be gently rubbing it back and forth in the palm of your hand for a minute. Never shake the vial of insulin because that can allow air bubbles to develop in it. If you aren’t sure if a vial of insulin has been properly handled then it is best to toss it out.

Insulin for dogs is a proven method of helping to keep diabetes under control. It is important to administer it as prescribed by your doctor. Your dog should never be left in the care of anyone unless they understand the procedure for offering the insulin. Other measures need to be taken to keep diabetes under control too. They include a well balanced diet and plenty of exercise.



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